Thursday, January 14, 2016

Otto Binder Meets Billy Batson

In Shazam! #1, a unique meeting takes place - Billy Batson meets Otto Binder!  Billy has just returned from being trapped in space for twenty years and Mr. Binder is one of the first people he meets.

Otto Binder was one of the magnificent writers for Captain Marvel during Cap's golden age with Fawcett comics.  Otto and artist C. C. Beck (who drew this meeting!) were a great golden age team!  I thought it was a great way to bring Otto back as Captain Marvel made his bronze age debut!


  1. Did you know that C. C. Beck drew that segment in tribute to O.O. Binder. Mr. Binder passed away before this first issue was published. Binder was set to write for DC but passed away before the contracts could ever be signed.

  2. I knew C. C. Beck personally. We wrote to each other on a regular basis. And if I didn't get a letter back I would call him in Florida. We even tried to sell a comic strip that he wrote.