Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Did You Know...

Shazam! #25

Did you know there's a connection between The Mighty Isis, Captain Marvel and the wizard Shazam?  Isis made her appearance in Shazam! #25 (June 19, 1976) and readers were given the story of her origin.  (In short, Andrea Thomas, school teacher, discovers a secret talisman that she wears and when she says, "Mighty Isis!" she turns into Isis with magical powers!)  In this issue, Captain Marvel meets Isis for the first time when Isis saves a young lady just as Cap arrives to help.  As Captain Marvel flies away he says to Isis, "I have a feeling we'll meet again!"

The Mighty Isis #1
After Shazam! #25, Isis got her own comic, The Mighty Isis.  Issue #1 was published by DC on July 15, 1976.  In the back of the comic there is an article titled, "The Legend of Isis."  The article gives some insight into Egyptian mythology, but it is the last three paragraphs that capture the Isis/Captain Marvel/Shazam connection.

Here's what the last three paragraphs say.  "Yet there is one part of the legend we have not covered.  Who was the wizard who prepared the magic talisman which gave...Andrea Thomas - the powers of Isis?  Could he have been a centuries-old sorcerer...Did he travel to Greece to meet the heroes of that land and the gods of Olympus?  Did he dwell for a while in Palestine as a friend of King Solomon?  Did the man who gave...Andrea Thomas - the powers of Isis also give to Billy Batson the powers of Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, and Mercury?  Was his name Shazam?"

Well, I think they answered their own question!  So according to the bronze age mythology of Captain Marvel, the wizard Shazam gave us another champion in the battle against evil - The Mighty Isis! 

Did you know there was a connection between The Mighty Isis, Captain Marvel and the wizard Shazam?  Now you do!

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