Saturday, December 1, 2018

Shazam! The Complete Live-Action Series on DVD

On September 7, 1974, Captain Marvel leaped into action on TV screens with the premier of the Saturday morning show, Shazam!  DC had already brought Cap back in comics in December of 1972 with the first issue of Shazam comics.  For me, the Shazam TV show was my first introduction to Captain Marvel and I loved watching the show each Saturday and started reading the Shazam comics.  (I still have my original copy of Shazam #6!)

The Shazam TV show only lasted three seasons with a total of 28 episodes.  The last episode aired on October 16, 1976.  Fortunately for fans, all 28 episodes are available on DVD!  

Here are some pictures of my DVD collection which was a Christmas present for me a few years ago.

The menu selection for the DVDs is pretty basic.  You can play each episode individually, or just have them play back to back.  The only extra feature is you can also play them all back to back but include Captain Marvel's "moral of the story" play at the end of each show as well.  Below is an example of one of Cap's morals.

The DVD collection is still available, I recommend you check with your favorite retailer for a copy!  On the Warner Brothers on-line shop, I noticed that you can order the collection with exclusive cover art by one of my favorite Captain Marvel artists, Jerry Ordway.  Here's a look at that special art cover.

I've re-watched these episodes quite often and always enjoy them.  I hope Warner Brothers produces the entire collection in the blu-ray format - that would be awesome!  

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