Sunday, October 28, 2018

Comic of the Week - Shazam! #5

The Shazam! comic of the week is Shazam! #5 which published on June 19, 1973 and had a cover date of September 1973.

This comic featured two new Captain Marvel stories and one golden-age adventure featuring Captain Marvel, Jr!  The comic cover is an almost exact duplicate of Captain Marvel Adventures #119 (February 2, 1951)!  I wrote a brief article about that whcih you can read here.

The first story is "The Man Who Wasn't!"  In this story, the world's mightiest mortal matches whits with a leprechaun!  

The second story is "The World's Toughest Guy!"  I've written about this story and you can read it here.

Finally, we have a reprint of a golden-age Captain Marvel Jr story, "Captain Marvel Jr Fights the Champ."  This was originally published in Marvel Family #25 which originally published on May 21, 1948.

I personally liked "The World's Toughest Guy!" story the best.  And also keep in mind, many people may not have been aware of Captain Marvel and the Marvel Family from the 1940s and 1950s, so that's probably why DC kept including reprints from their golden-age adventures.

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