Sunday, November 19, 2017

Comic of the Week - Shazam! #3

The Shazam! comic of the week is Shazam! #3 which published on March 15, 1973 and had a cover date of June 1973.

This comic featured two new Captain Marvel stories and one golden-age adventure featuring the Marvel Family!  The comic cover also featured Cap, Mary Marvel and Captain Marvel, Jr together on the cover for the first time.  

The first story is "A Switch in Time" in which Billy is granted his wish to be older, but it comes at a cost!

The second story is "The Wizard of Phonograph Hill" and featured Captain Marvel and Dr. Thomas Kilowatt (this was his first appearance in Cap's comics).

The final story is a golden-age adventure from Marvel Family #4 (August 14, 1946) entitled "The Witches' Tale."

I love the cover of this comic featuring the Marvel Family drawn by C. C. Beck.  While Captain Marvel was still the main focus of the comic series, Mary Marvel and Captain Marvel, Jr appeared frequently in the comics as well!